April 28, 2009

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April 21, 2009


Being surrounded by skateboarding at almost all hours of the day makes you jaded to a lot of ripping after awhile, and being immersed in the business side of skateboarding and having to know all of the marketing strategies and strange intentions and designs for things makes it all seem a little too pre-determined and cold sometimes. The American business of skateboarding can suck the joy out of just skateboarding sometimes, and so seeing this video from Japan that just documents the pure act of skating for fun and being creative and straight ripping made my day. Amazing skaters and totally amazing spots, with parts several great underground rippers, including SLAP Pal Maru and strangely Rich Adler! I love Japan and I think the skaters there have an excellent perspective on the soul and creativity inherent in street skating. Big props on the video!

Mark Whiteley


April 20, 2009